Fling your G-Reader to the garbage maw. It's time to get Tactile!

How full is your "full immersion" when object interactions are merely gestural? Be honest... cutting the head off that goblin king feels faked when drawing your sword is just another rote gesture. No heft of the blade = no satisfaction.

But - be sad no more! Make fantasy come alive with Shardware Tactile Gauntlets!

Shardware's patented FlexBack reactive fabric simulates the weight, resistance, and texture of in-game objects, allowing you to interact with your fantasies like never before! Heft of blade? Check! Crack of bones snapped between your fists? Check! Kung Fu punch through rib cage? Check, check, check!

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Pre-order your pair of Shardware Tactile Gauntlets NOW for guaranteed release-day drone delivery and receive an exclusive Diamond-Pommel Saber for use in GobliNation!

Shardware Tactile Gauntlets. Are you ready... to use your hands?

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