Thank you for purchasing the Ti-D-O Residential Organization Assistant. Please follow these instructions to guide your Ti-D-O through setup.

* Before activating your Ti-D-O, take special care to tidy up your place of residence manually. Don't worry; it's the last time you'll ever have to.

* Download the Ti-D-O App to your personal augmentation device (activation code is printed on the underside of your Ti-D-O).

* Power on your Ti-D-O.

* Use the App to inform the Ti-D-O of which rooms you wish it to service.

* Allow three minutes for the Ti-D-O to record the layout of your home and the locations of your personal possessions.

* For testing purposes, remove 5-10 items from their usual locations.

* Tell your Ti-D-O, "Tidy Time!"

If instructions have been followed correctly, your Ti-D-O should now be ready to keep your home tidy and organized. Enjoy your Ti-D-O Residential Organization Assistant!

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