Ghaliv is a Shadow Carja healer who has his practice at the Shadow Carja settlement Blazon Arch. A callous man, he never served the interests of anyone but himself. He refused to treat anyone without compensation, regardless of the seriousness of the injury or disease. He served the Shadow Carja's soldiers without compensation, but that was only out of fear of reprisal if he refused.

While in the tent city at the main Shadow Carja settlement at Sunfall, the Nora Brave Aloy encountered a young man named Abas. His sister was gravely ill, due to the desperate conditions in the tent city. Abas informed Aloy that Ghaliv was the only help available, but he knew the healer's nature, and doubted that he would help, as they had nothing to compensate him with. An outraged Aloy confronted Ghaliv at Blazon Arch and demanded that he help the girl, subtly warning him of reprisal from her if he refused. He remained unmoved, more afraid of the Shadow Carja leadership's response if he used his limited resources to treat the girl, rather than Carja soldiers, than of Aloy.

However there was one thing that trumped even this fear: shards. He made a deal with Aloy; he would treat the girl if Aloy brought him the heart of a Thunderjaw, which was very valuable. Once she acquired the heart, she could meet him at the tent city, where he would take it and then treat the girl. Indeed he told her where she could find a Thunderjaw, not expecting her to agree.

But Aloy agreed, warning him that she would not tolerate him reneging on the deal. She went after the Thunderjaw, found it, killed it and brought it to him at Sunfall. He sardonically took it and treated the girl, much to Abas' overjoyed surprise.

Associated Quests

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