Geese are a rare species of wildlife in Horizon Zero Dawn. When killed, they drop loot vital for several crafting recipes.


In the Old World, this particular bird was called the Canada goose, Branta canadensis, distinguished by its black head and neck, white cheeks and under the chin, and a brown body. They were native to North America and were migratory birds.

Geese are not easy to find in the New World but are usually seen resting in flocks at higher elevations and near fresh water. Additionally, they are very timid and, once startled, are hard to catch.


Like all organic life in the New World designed by GAIA in her reseeding of the planet after its devastation by the Faro Plague, geese will not attack or cause any harm to the Aloy. They will fly away when Aloy gets close unless undetected. Once alerted, they take a moment before they get off the ground, so a Hunter Bow is recommended to follow up and rapidly shoot several geese.

Usually they take just one arrow shot to kill, but require precision, since they startle easily and will fly off when provoked.

Loot Acquired 

When killed, geese will drop common items such as various types of meat but sometimes they will drop either Goose Skin or Goose Bone, both very valuable items that are useful for trading with merchants.

Farming geese for their rarer drops is very time consuming and difficult given that they are much harder to find, but also very rewarding.


  • A flock of geese can consistently be found near the Northern Embrace Gate, a short distance to the west along the mountain range; however, they no longer appear after completing the side quest Odd Grata.
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