Tate here. Just popped three blues, but I earned it. Finally figured out a Goldilocks solution to GAIA's rather EXTREME executive authority. If that ain't worth 10-12 hours of dreamtime, what is?

Before this, every usurpation protocol I designed failed in simulation cuz it was either too hard or too soft.

TOO HARD, and it degraded the GAIA core. Sure, it pried Her figurative fingers off the figurative driving wheel so HADES could take control, but by breaking Her fingers - sometimes Her arms too. So that couldn't fly. Everything depends on GAIA taking control back after HADES has done its business, so had to find a solution that didn't leave GAIA any worse for the wear.

TOO SOFT, and GAIA only pretended to relinquish control. In simulation after simulation, HADES would take command of the terraforming system and reverse operations, only to have GAIA lurk in the background, quietly re-reversing processes and falsifying telemetry to hide its interference. Sneaky! I swear, ain't nothing GAIA wouldn't do to keep life going - even when it's just simulated plant life.

Turns out the "JUST RIGHT" solution is to isolate GAIA in a protective code shell, preserving its integrity, then "un-seat" it from command position so HADES can slip into the figurative captain's chair and work its magic. Um, those blues are coming on strong now, so I'm not really describing it so clear, but... pretty sure it'll work

Yeah - those blues are plenty strongs
guess it's time to sleep and
bed. i'll back to it tomorrow

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