Naysay Doom "priestess" Harriet Choi dies

PERTH - September 2, 2063 - Infamous bioterrorist and Naysay Doom cult member Harriet Choi has died of lung cancer at the age of fifty-four.

Choi--whose religious beliefs prevented her from seeking treatment--released a statement last year, reading in part: "I am dying, as always, and none are far behind me. I remain steadfast. Father Globe is in His death throes. He is ready to die. But you scorn Father Globe. Rather than help Him slough off filth, you condescend, insist you know what's best. Now, you've had your 'Claw-back,' and think you will live forever. But the grave remains no less spacious than before."

Choi was serving a life sentence at PuniTech Inc.'s Alpha Campus for engineering the "Doom Plague" viral cocktail that scourged New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, and Shanghai in 2039. The decision to imprison Choi for life rather than execute her was met with widespread outrage, but information she provided in exchange for the sentence led to the arrests of sixteen higher ranking members of the terrorist cult and, ultimately, Naysay Doom's collapse.

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