Hartz declares victory in fight for the Bahamas

NASSAU - December 22, 2062 - After weeks of skirmishes between the robotic forces of US-backed Hartz corporation and the Colombia-based combine TG Communications, the islands that compose the former Commonwealth of the Bahamas have been officially acquired by Hartz, pending a successful request for enfranchisement.

Interest in the Bahamas, newly re-emerged since polar ice reconstitution caused global sea levels to recede, was sparked by Bahamanian beaches' rich deposit of aragonite, a mineral used in the chemical scrubbing of water-based pollutants.

Hartz, which commands an already impressive robotic military force, enlisted the aid of Michigan-based private military corporation Great Lakes Combat Solutions to capture TG Communications manufacturing facilities. The much smaller Colombian corporation defended their Bahamanian facilities for longer than early projections anticipated, thanks in part to robot lease agreements with the Indian military, but was ultimately forced to retreat in the face of a larger and better-equipped acquisitions force.

Hartz has announced intentions to holo-cast an "immersive extravaganza highlighting the most explosive moments of robot on robot conflict!" However, as of press time, no scheduled date has been set.

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