"Friend of yours, Gavan!?"
―Hashiv, spotting Aloy
Hashiv is a minor character and an opponent in Horizon Zero Dawn.


At some point, Hashiv was a Carja weapons smuggler in an underground operation ran by Gavan. Gavan was ultimately caught and, accused of perpetuating the Carja Civil War for profit, resulting in him sentenced to serve time in Sunstone Rock.

Although Gavan escaped from Sunstone Rock during a risky prison break, Hashiv appears to be convinced that Gavan, once his ally, has since double-crossed him and sided with the Carja Guard in exchange for his release. During Gavan's year behind bars, rumor spread that he became a snitch.

In response to this perceived betrayal, Hashiv has claimed the smuggling operation for himself and is in the process of torturing Gavan when Aloy finds him, vowing to "make a show" of what happens to such traitors.

Since Aloy has been asked to ensure that Gavan is killed, she must engage with Hashiv and his crew.

Battle Stats

Hashiv is armed with a Firespitter and surrounded by three members of his bandit clan when encountered. Throughout the fight, his fellow smugglers will patrol the perimeter but he will remain stationed relatively close to Gavan, near the small building's entrance.

HP Attack Damage Additional Info
225 Firespitter 25 Projectile Damage, 150 Explosive Damage per shot
  • Blocks light melee attacks after 1 attack instead of 2.
  • Higher accuracy.
Bash/Kick 250

Associated Quests

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