Healer’s Oath is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


While in the tent city outside the Shadow Carja settlement at Sunfall, Aloy encounters a young man named Abas. His sister is gravely ill, due to the desperate conditions in the tent city. Aloy asks him how she can help. He tells her of a healer named Ghaliv at Blazon Arch, another Shadow Carja settlement south of Sunfall. However, he despondently tells Aloy that Ghaliv will not help, due to his callous nature, only interested in profit, and they have nothing to compensate him.

Outraged, Aloy goes to Blazon Arch and confront Ghaliv. She implies that she will coerce him to go and treat the girl, by force if necessary. However, he is unmoved, as, in addition to his callous, profit-driven nature, he fears reprisal by the Shadow Carja leadership for using his limited resources to treat a tent city occupant rather than Shadow Carja soldiers much more than anything Aloy could do to him.

However, even this fear is trumped by his desire for profit. He offers Aloy a deal: he will go and treat the girl if she brings him the heart of a Thunderjaw, a very valuable item. He even tells her of a location not far from Blazon Arch where she can find a Thunderjaw, known as the Valley of Omens, and tells her to meet her at the tent city, where he will take the heart and treat the girl.

Aloy agrees, with a warning that she will not tolerate his reneging on the deal. She goes after the Thunderjaw, finds it, kills it, and gets the heart. She returns to the tent city and finds Ghaliv. She gives him the heart and sternly warns him to keep his end of the deal. Laconically, he agrees and greets the girl.


  1. Talk to Ghaliv
  2. Find the Entrance to the Valley of Omens
  3. Kill the Thunderjaw
  4. Gather a Thunderjaw Heart
  5. Talk to Ghaliv
  6. Talk to Abas


Healer’s Oath - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide07:22

Healer’s Oath - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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