Helis is the leader of the Eclipse and the secondary antagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn.


Helis is the former champion of the 13th Sun-King Jiran. His main goal is to lead the Shadow Carja forces to restore the Sundom to the state as it was under the Mad Sun-King. Secretly he is the leader of the Eclipse and is aided by HADES.


The Reign of the Mad Sun King Jiran

Helis was kestrel warrior in service to the Sundom. During the early years of Jiran's reign, major sandstorms that plagued the vicinity of Sunfall were decreed to be part of the training. Helis was the first to survive the sandstorms and eventually rose to gain the moniker of Terror of the Sun. During this time, his wife died in childbirth and the Sun-King allowed him the honor of burying his family in the royal crypts.

The Fall of Meridian

During the Fall of Meridian, Helis led his kestrels in defense of his city. When Jiran was killed by Avad, Helis took Prince Itamen, Bahavas ,and Queen Dowager Nasadi and led his kestrels in a breakthrough attempt. Having successfully breached the siege, Helis took all loyalist Carja to the fortress at Sunfall. There the newly formed Shadow Carja would wage a bitter civil war to reclaim the Sundom in their image.

Hades' orders

During the Proving Helis received word from Hades that he should kill a Nora by the name of Aloy. Helis went to the Proving along with his best warriors. There, he killed many Nora and almost killed Aloy. After supposedly killing Aloy he told Hades of his feat.

Some time after that, Hades learned Aloy was still alive. After using some Corruptors to corrupt a Behemoth, one that had killed many gladiators, he sacrificed Aloy as it's first victim. Unfortunately, Aloy was smart enough to kill it and escaped Helis' clutches.

Helis's final encounter with Aloy was during the battle for Meridian, where he brought multiple Deathbringers and Corruptors to the fight. He had one final confrontation with Aloy, and he and his best men were defeated. As he started babbling about being the chosen one of the Sun, Aloy told him he was being manipulated by Hades, and he was killed.


Helis is a devoted, religious man who believes that he was chosen by the Sun to lead the Carja back to glory with the help of HADES. As such, he is utterly convinced that his actions are justified. He despises comfort and pleasure, believing them to be an invite to weakness.



  • The name Helis is likely derived from Helios, the Greek god of the Sun.
  • Helis' voice actor Crispin Freeman voiced Helios in the 2010 game God of War III.
  • Contrarily, the Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition Guide states that Helis was not present during the Fall of Meridian.


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