History: FAS is a datapoint in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is the #4 item in Text Datapoints - Quests.


Faro Automated Solutions (FAS) is an American multinational corporate entity that produces robots for all walks of life, though its core business consists of military and defense contracts. As of 2063, FAS has ranked #1 among the Fortune 5 by gross revenue and profit for ten years in a row, a world record. Founded in 2033 by Theodor "Ted" Faro, an entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah, the company developed several promising robot prototypes in its early years but failed to break into markets dominated by then-industry giants like General Synthetics and RECorp. This changed in 2038 with the debut of the @lfred line of levitating personal servitors, which generated exceptional sales, lifting the company onto the Fortune 50 for the first time. Profits tripled in the 2040s as the company's environmental efforts, led by famed engineer Elisabet Sobeck, catapulted FAS to the head of that sector. In 2049, in the wake of the successful green and climate cleanup efforts around the globe, worldwide approval ratings of FAS exceeded 90% and founder Ted Faro was hailed across media and social networks as "the man who saved the world." Yet it was the emergence of FAS as a military contractor in the late 2040s that cemented its status as the world's wealthiest corporation, with a record market capitalization of over $23 trillion. By 2055, FAS controlled 61% of the market share for automated military platforms, holding contracts with 353 nations, trans-governmental organizations, and corporate entities. Today, its holdings exceed the second largest corporation (FBMobiHal Global) by 321%.


This datapoint is automatically given to Aloy by Sylens during the main quest Maker's End. It cannot be missed.

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