Limited Edition Skins for 6/6/61

It's your pals at Holoskins Daily, back again with three crazy good, limited-time-only skins! As always, these skins disappear from our holoshop at midnight tonight, so get on it! Today's Emerging Artist skin was designed by ShrimpHat421. It's a cool, abstract pattern, sort of reminiscent of Kandinsky, rendered over a basically humanoid form (but check out those weird arms!). The Seasonal Treats skin for today is something a little different: in honor of today's date, we're featuring Interior1_Aesthetic's extremely creepy Daemon design. Fair warning, though, those horns are huge and might clip through the ceiling of some holo-spaces, if that's something you care about. Finally, our Fans Forever pick today is from lilybuilds, who sent us this choice skin of Hug-Bot from Corporate War Rejects! All three skins are available for trial wear at the holoshop. Stay tuned for tomorrow's skins!

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