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  • Lacrossedeamon

    So obviously I got the guide. It's great; has a few typos and inconsistencies but not many. Loads of info on mechanics especially combat. Even has some encyclopedia like entries which were very nice and informative on some backstory. I'm willing to answer questions about the book but I honestly rec…

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  • Lacrossedeamon

    DLC Ideas Forum

    April 13, 2017 by Lacrossedeamon

    So Guerrilla Games has shown great initiative and plays an active role within its fandom community. I'd like to create this as a forum where Wikia users can post their hopes for a DLC and maybe a dev will stumble upon here and draw from. I'll post some of my ideas below and I want y'all's critiques…

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  • Bearborg

    Loot Template

    April 10, 2017 by Bearborg

    Working with the current table-based display of machine loot is really unpleasant, so I thought I'd try putting together a template to simplify things. If anyone wants to take a look here, I'd love feedback on what I've put together. For comparison, here's my template vs. the current implementation…

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