This page contains all the tasks that are required to be worked on. Please refrain from adding vague statements such as "Add more item pages". Instead, go into further detail, like "Add the treasure boxes sold at the merchant in Meridian".

To-Do: If you find any part of the wiki that needs to be further improved or changed, please add it to the "To-Do" section.

In-progress: If you are working on something that might take awhile, please move the task to the "In-progress" section.

Constant: If something requires constant updating, please place it here. One example of such a case is the adding of references for concept art images.

Pending Discussion: The "Pending Discussion" section are for areas that need to be discussed amongst other users or admins before reaching a consensus.


  • Treasure Boxes: Add the rest of the boxes sold at Meridian. Create infobox that at least has the following columns: Image, Buying Price, Selling Price, Sold By. Also, upload images for each box.
  • Create the required pages for each resource and upload the corresponding images.
  • Intro quotes for machines (like when Aloy runs up on a Snapmaw and mentions how it could bite a Sawtooth in half)
  • pages differing between the equipible weapon and the general weapon type, i.e. a page for the greened icon Sharpshot Bow vs a page for Sharpshot Bows in general explaining the different levels
  • Add images for the rest of the Cauldrons
  • Create table for each machine's attack with attack name, damage type, primary damage, secondary damage, trigger range, and description.
  • Add DLC weapons
  • Align the table widths for Resources page.


  • Create new tabbing infoboxes for showcasing different weapon types (e.g. Carja and Shadow Hunter Bow). Ensure that mobile and desktop infobox types are properly adapted.
  • Add all skill pages and respective animated GIFs


  • Add the appropriate references to the pages with concept art.
  • Update NavboxCharacter as more character pages pop up.

Pending Discussion

  • Are adding all dialogue options per quest a feasible project?
  • Update the main page - Should "Hunting" be changed to "Equipment" to showcase Weapons, Outfits, Potions and Traps?
  • Update main page - Should "Machines" section be changed to show the different lines (e.g. Chariot, Recon, Acquisition, etc) so that all machines can get coverage? If so we also need the creation of all the machine classes as well.

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