The hunter bow is a type of bow specializing in short to medium range combat due to its faster reload and firing time, and has limited capacity for three types of damage: impact, elemental and tear. It can use hunter, fire, and hardpoint arrows.


Ammo Type Damage Damage-Icon Elemental Severity Tear Tear-Icon Crafting Requirements Used With
Hunter Arrow 15 None 25 2x Ridgewood

1x Metal Shard




Fire Arrow 12 25 Fire-Icon None 2x Ridgewood

5x Metal Shard

3x Blaze



Hardpoint Arrow 30 None 75 5x Ridgewood

10x Metal Shard

Ranged Weapons Hunter Bow - War Bow - Sharpshot Bow - Sling - Carja Sling - Shadow Sling - Blast Sling - Ropecaster - Rattler - Tearblaster
Melee Weapons Spear - Sylens' Lance
Stealth Weapons Tripcaster - Traps - Blast Sling
Heavy Weapons Disc launcher - Ravager Cannon - Firespitter - Firestriker - Deathbringer Gun - Oseram Cannon

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