Hunters' Blind is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Talanah has accepted a Hunters Lodge contract that Ahsis refused - helping a village under constant attack from machines. What could be causing the onslaught?


  1. Talk to Talanah
  2. Follow Talanah
  3. Go to Lone Light
  4. Kill the Glinthawks
  5. Talk to Talanah and Ilsadi
  6. Find the Cause of the Glinthawk Attacks
  7. Kill the Glinthawks
  8. Investigate the Area
  9. Follow the Tracks
  10. Talk to the Hunters
  11. Gather a Snapmaw Heart
  12. Deliver the Heart to the Hunters
  13. Talk to Talanah
  14. Return to the Hunters Lodge


Hunter’s Blind - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide16:01

Hunter’s Blind - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


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