FROM: Duncan Roerig
TO: Samuel Powell
SUBJECT: I Must Thank You

Dear Mr. Powell,

I am writing in response to your message that you sent me asking how I am since the verdict was reversed. I am doing well. Sometimes it is very difficult to get used to how things are now. Many things have changed and the world moves very quick. My nephew Dale is trying to teach me how to use an aug called a focus but it is hard to learn. I also miss driving a car very much. Few in the holler had the robot cars when I was young. Now everyone uses them and it feels strange not to be in control when I go out of my house. However it is better than prison. I see my family every day. I am able to play guitar again. You are the reason I am free. Thank you for believing I was innocent when no one else did. I do not know if you are a religious man Mr Powell but I believe God sent you to me when I most needed you. Thank you.

Duncan Roerig

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