I Name You is a collectable Banuk figure in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is the first item in the first set of figures.


"Upon this peak I name you my son, that which I could not do before my exile. Signak, chieftain of my werak, thought your blood was his, but the truth was clear as the color of the sky, painted in your eyes, and mine. As I wander alone in this foreign land, it is not Signak's death that wounds me, nor the memory of Ili your mother, nor even the loss of snow-sheathed Ban-Ur my home--but instead the silence that lay between us, who should have been father and son. I paint my mark here for you, and leave you this offering, though it will never touch the warmth of your hands."


This figure can be found in the mountains to the west of the permanent camp known as Hunter's Gathering. The climb starts at Gera's stall.