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I'm not sure what I expected being part of a hacker collective to be like, exactly, but so far the whole Idiot Army thing has been anticlimactic. Turns out being a world-renowned cyberthreat mostly consists of hanging out in intentionally tacky-looking holospaces with dudes in anonymizing skins. Most of which are, like, meme-based. Like there's a dude, or maybe a few dudes, with a skin modeled after that Incredulous Pigeon reaction holo. Couple guys who are literally just walking kapok trees. I asked someone what the next big operation would be (I even had suggestions! Doxxing Far Zenith? Fitzing corporate warbots? Come on!) and he called me a "turd baron," as though [DATA CORRUPTED]


  • The "Incredulous Pigeon reaction holo" is a reference to the Trash Doves internet meme.

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