Inebri8 now available in the Faro Store

San Francisco, CA - 2059 - Available today on the Faro Store, Inebri8 turns your Focus into your best drinking buddy!

Looking to bend the elbow? Inebri8 monitors your blood-alcohol level, notifying bartenders when your drink needs freshening, negotiating with bouncers, and summoning friends if you've overindulged.

Feeling maudlin after a night on the town? Inebri8 analyzes all holo-snaps before they're sent and saves you from humiliation. No more drunken weeping to your ex!

Getting creeped on by a weirdo? With a discreet gesture, Inebri8 alerts your posse to come save you from an unwanted social exchange!

Inebri8 currently recognizes and modulates alcohol, marijuana, Skydive, and Duster intoxication, and future patches will integrate Razorwing and Snake.

Time to party? Time for Inebri8!

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