Counselor: I'm sure you now understand the urgency of why we brought you here, Ms. Okilo.

Captain Okilo: Captain Okilo. Are you trying to thank me for not resisting?

Counselor: I believe we couldn't negotiate a diplomatic solution.

Captain Okilo: When it came to my country's lithium, it was always a swarm that would be sent to negotiate. Metallurgic International. U.S. Robot Command... The markings changed, but the robots were the same.

Counselor: You have had considerable experience in human-robot conflict.

Captain Okilo: Yes, and I've got the prosthetic limbs to show it. Yet I continued to face this horror, even though the challenge was great. Cyber-warfare. I thought Zero Dawn would be a... a "Manhattan Project", to generate the deactivation codes. With the resources I had, I estimated code-breaking to be a hopeless endeavor. I was almost looking forward to being proved wrong.

Counselor: Unfortunately your estimation was correct.

Captain Okilo: As your General Herres said. So then. You did not bring me here to commiserate. What is left?

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