Christina Hsu-Vhey: ...there is some mistake. I don't understand why I was brought here. Why you would show me these things.

Counselor: I know that there's already a lot to take in.

Christina Hsu-Vhey: In the waiting area I was sealed with a Nobel laureate in biophysics and a monk, I think. He spoke neither English nor Mandarin.
It's very strange. And General Herres, what was he talking about? The robot swarm, the Faro Plague, I understand it is terrible. But, it really cannot be stopped? Why tell us this? There are people in Shanghai - my friends, my family, they have joined Operation Enduring Victory already. It is for nothing? We will all die?

Counselor: We're going to be able to answer some of these questions--

Christina Hsu-Vhey: I just want to know why I am here. It doesn't make sense to me.

Counselor: You were brought here because of your skill set.

Christina Hsu-Vhey: No, that can't be right. I'm an art historian. I know Dutch masters--Japanese calligraphy... uh, Gerhard Richter. What does that matter now?

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