Ron Felder: Look. Let's cut the mystery, you're building a colony ship. It's obvious. And it's not going to fly. I mean, literally. Remember the Odyssey--that multi-national heap of space junk that's been in graveyard orbit since '57? That went nowhere, real slow, and you have to get somewhere--real fast. Do you have any idea the immensity of the challenge, to prep a new colony ship in time?

Counselor: To be clear, I'm not a worker on the project--

Ron Felder: Do - do you even understand how few people it could even "save"? The whole generation-ship concept is, is--not going to happen! It's the first thing you'd abandon in favor of embryonics. For that kind of storage we're talking a lot of bulk, a lot of power, a lot of resources--So even if you do it, even if you build it and point it at Sirius X, there's no room for people on that thing, all right!?

Counselor: If you could try to remain calm--

Ron Felder: You people are crazy if you think you're getting off this rock! No-one's getting off!

Counselor: Medical!

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