Counselor: discuss?

Travis Tate: Hoo! So mama, she was right!

Counselor: Pardon?

Travis Tate: My mother, she took her Bible real serious. Not just Texas Bubble serious. Pentecostal serious. Favorite chapter? Revelations. Now, I didn't always understand her - on account of all that speaking in tongues and such - but when she did use her words, it was always End Times-this and Lake of Fire-that, on account of sinful lifestyles. Speaking of which - mind if I smoke?

Counselor: A... tobacco cigarette?

Travis Tate: Sorry, darling, my tastes run classic. Compliments to your team, tracked me down. Been a price on my head 18 months now. Sterling-Malkeet was me, don't mind admitting. Been plenty of snakesters chasing the bounty, too, but I kept the zigging to their zag. How'd you finger me?

Counselor: I believe Dr. Sobeck listed you as an Alpha candidate. Priority snatch-and-grab.

Travis Tate: Always suspected she had a little thing for me. Hey - don't supposed you got real coffee in this place? You know - blood coffee? Conflict cappuccinos?

Counselor: Mr. Tate, I'm clearing you to proceed. Just... go.

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