Brad Andac: Of course I'll do it. To be given the opportunity to rebuild what I... the damage that I... Well, I don't feel worthy of it. But I'll do it, absolutely.

Selection Counselor: I want to stress that this was never about your culpability.

Brad Andac: It is to me. Dr. Sobeck, Margo, they were smart to get out of Faro when they did. But not one of us took it as a warning sign. Just told ourselves they weren't cut out for the BTRI cabals-uh, that's Better Than Rapid Innovation. Better at competing. Better than the next guy. A better killing machine. Isn't it just amazing how a century-and-a-half of science fiction did nothing to swerve our species from the path of doom? I'm done with that life. I mean--I'll work hard, twice as hard to earn this. For my family to have a place in Elysium. I never thought... I'd... that there could be... atonement.

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