Ron Felder: (Sigh) Is he to make sure I behave this time?

Selection Counselor: Security. For your protection. Would you like to discuss how you're feeling?

Ron Felder: Sure, I'll tell you. Surprised. No... flabbergasted. Like my old man would say, 'flabbergasted'. That vein pumping in his forehead... I'd thought--I'd thought you people were just completely underprepared for a spaceflight project. But now I can see it's worse. Much worse. Sobeck is a total fantasist - a dangerous fantasist. This kind of blue-skying, its--Jesus! I'm sorry we wasted each other's time. I'm ready to leave now.

Selection Counselor: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Ron Felder: Everything you're talking about here isn't possible!

Selection Counselor: I recommend you read the documents regarding your options--

Ron Felder: I've seen enough, I'm getting out of here--What are you--You don't--Get your hands off me!

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