Selection Counselor: ...if you're still nauseous--

Susanne Alpert: No. The inhibitor's have kicked in, I can't feel the back of my tongue. I wish... I could tell you I'd believe in this. But... the damage is too great, too extensive. Too complete. With all respect to Dr. Sobeck's work at Miriam - no. No, life doesn't always find a way to keep going. Sometimes it never comes back. Like Syzygy/East. Like the Congo. Like Timor. Like us. That's our reward? A buried city full of terminal patients, waiting out the clock?

Selection Counselor: You'd grow old together. With your loved ones. In safety.

Susanne Alpert: I don't have loved ones. I suppose I could start a family.

Selection Counselor: I'm afraid not. All inhabitants of Elysium will be medically sterilized.

Susanne Alpert: (guffaw)

Selection Counselor: A habitat capable of sustaining a starting base of 2000 individuals for up to 100 years is a huge challenge, Dr. Alpert. If the population grows instead of diminishes, everyone will be dead inside 30 years.

Susanne Alpert: I knew it. I just couldn't bring myself to say the words.

Selection Counselor: I'm sorry?

Susanne Alpert: Finish it. Medical euthanasia. I want no part of this, I just want it over.

Selection Counselor: I see. Protocols require a forty-eight hour waiting period, after which...

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