Itamen is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is the youngest son of the 13th Sun-King Jiran and the half-brother of the incumbent Sun-King, Avad.


Itamen was at one point first in line to the throne, as his eldest brother Kadaman was killed in the Sun-Ring by his own father, and Avad fled the Sundom and was disowned.

During the Liberation of Meridian, Helis was ordered by Jiran to take Itamen and his mother and escape the city to the Citadel at Sunfall. There, Itamen was set up as the figurehead for the Shadow Carja, but the real power resided in the High Priest Bahavas and Helis himself. Avad worked for more than two years to try to return Itamen to Meridian through a spy, Vanasha. Vanasha later co-opted Aloy into this plot, as the latter had also infiltrated Sunfall for another reason. With Aloy's help, both Itamen and his mother were smuggled out of the city by Vanasha and into Avad's protection.


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