Helis: So long as King Itamen languishes at Sunfall, coddled by his mother, he will never learn the true lessons of the Sun. I have tried to instruct him, but the shadow of his mother's influence is upon him. One day, I took him to the palace balcony to behold an offering of sacrifice in the Ring. But he showed no thirst for it. He averted his gaze. Look to the Sun, I told him. Do not shield your eyes. In all things, it is absolute. One day it nurtures life, and the next, scorches life away. It burns the skin of champions and wretches alike. Never does the Sun show pity. That is the example of a Sun-King must follow. The example of your father. But before my instruction could take hold, she was there, clutching him to her robes, burying his face against her breast. How is a King to rule when he cannot even see?

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