Jahamin, also known as Abiding Jahamin, is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Jahamin is a Sun-Priest encountered at the Shrine of Kings outside Meridian.

Jahamin abused his position as a Sun-Priest, treating the Shrine of Kings as his personal retreat, and refusing to allow any of the Oseram to enter and mourn their dead. This earned the attention of Mournful Namman, who sent the Nora Brave Aloy to resolve the issue.

When Aloy arrived, Jahamin attempted to shoo her away. However, Jahamin's loyalist views removed any authority, and he was unable to stop her from entering. He warned that there would be a reckoning, to which Aloy coldly responded that he would run away from.


Jahamin is a corrupt and bigoted Sun-Priest. He expresses loyalty to the Mad-King Jiran, despite remaining a member of the Carja tribe.

Associated Quests


  • Jahamin's robes are highly similar to the ones worn by Bahavas, with the exception of the color.

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