Transcript: The Jeff Andreatis Show, 4/17/62 - PART IV

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JEFF: And we are back. Hello, ladies and gentlemen, you're listening to the Jeff Andreatis Show, brought to you, of course, by the Rational Capitalist Immersicast Network, and... Let's, you know what, let's just jump right into this, there is this trend... of young people... who are immigrating to China, of all places... for work! They're choosing to work in China's factories - as manual labor! I just... There's this article today, posted on Cafe Intel--one of these "cultural trend" fluff pieces these progs are so fond of--reporting that immigration to China by American citizens has... doubled... since 2050. Now, why is that? Well, Cafe Intel would have you believe that "corporate sovereignty," the left's current favorite bogeyman, and increased automation have limited their opportunities here in America. Folks, I know I don't have to tell the world's smartest radio audience, but that... is... absurd. Do you know what's limited these young peoples' opportunities? Poor decision making. Nothing else. Right now, at this very moment in history, the best instruction in the history of education is available to anyone who has the nuts to apply for a modest loan. But nooooo, these... infants, these... spoiled "better-back-when-ers" with their totally inherited, totally unexamined prejudice against the amazing work being done by corporations around the globe, and in this country specifically, they say, "Oh, no, I won't go to a corporate school! I don't want to go learn something useful from someone successful! I want to move to Vancouver! I want to major in Bashcore Studies from Stoned-Out-Of-My-Mind-On-Snake University!" What, exactly, did you think was going to happen when you graduated with your Creative Expression degree from some east coast, left-wing edu-enclave that nobody's ever even heard of? Folks, we aren't experiencing a brain drain in this country, we are experiencing a shame drain! And I say, bring it on! We're going to open the channels here. If you want to drop in, you know where to find us. As always, no fancy skins, no voice mods. If you're going to be a belligerent ass on my show, you're going to do it with your real face, you cowards!

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