Jom is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Nora outcast who lives in the Devil's Thirst Bandit Camp once it has been liberated.


Long before the attacks by the Carja known as the Red Raids, Jom was cast out for manslaughter. He had been lazy, refusing to fulfill his responsibilities as a Brave. He had also been a troublemaker, frequently picking fights with other Braves. However, one such fight grew very violent, ending when Jom fatally struck the Brave, resulting in his being cast out.

His time as an outcast resulted in a complete change in his attitude. He became very regretful of his former attitude, and accepted his punishment as justified. He encountered other outcasts, many of whom had been cast out for as long as he had been, or longer. Nora law forbids outcasts from speaking to each other, as well as to members of the tribe. However, Jom realized that survival alone in the wilds, menaced by bandits and machines, was very unlikely. He therefore convinced the outcasts he met to speak to each other and join together in a group with him. While they were still exposed to the aforementioned threats, this allowed them to have a somewhat better chance of survival.

Years later, Jom and his group of outcasts watched as the Nora Brave Aloy cleared out a bandit camp near the Old Ones ruin known as Devil's Thirst, killing all the bandits in the camp. Tired of living without protection and refuge, Jom asked Aloy on behalf of the group if they could make the place their home, as it was fortified and defensible. Aloy agreed, earning Jom's gratitude.

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