Just got back. Ho Chi Minh's gone. Barely got out. Two-thirds of the brigade didn't. Fell back to Bien Hoa along QL1K with scads of those cockroach bastards in pursuit. Keep blasting the whole ride, must've killed fifteen scarabs. Got so frenzied Blue had to pry my hands off the triggers and yank me outta the DEW turret when we reached the port and carry me onto the vert. Couldn't stop screaming. And then the verts lift off, and we come under fire not from bots but a Vietnamese battery! CO called it friendly fire but that's crap, they were just pissed because we were bugging out and they couldn't. Oh my god. And now we're back in the USA and the CO is calling it a "qualified success" because we delayed the bots by several days and time is what Zero Dawn needs. Said we'd have a new mission tomorrow. Oh my god.

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