FROM: Sgt. Guliyev
TO: Home
SUBJECT: Just a Little Longer

Guliyev: Thanks for the mails, you. Time goes fast on active duty--four months with the Wreckin' Recalls, I don't know, 20 drops? In and out of the West Coast, fighting with these civilian enlistees, scrappy guys and gals--their training is basically "Here's a DEW, when you see a bot, hit it,"--but somehow it's all coming together. Between us and the 6th MRB we took down a Horus at Lithium Beach. Pulled out before its buddies arrived, but to see a big one go down...I hope it made the news, honey, showed everyone we're gonna have a shot at turning this around. We just need to give Project Zero Dawn the time it needs, then everything will be the way it used to be.

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