Kikuk is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Kikuk is a bounty hunter and member of the Banuk tribe. He is first encountered as part of the main quest Deep Secrets of the Earth, where he can be found listening to the High Priest Bahavas list the day's bounties in the Citadel's throne room. He leads a band of mercenary warriors called Kikuk's Killers. Nulat, a member of his gang, is nearby.

Associated Quests

Battle Stats

HP Attack Damage
200 Hunter Arrow 50
Bash/Kick 100
Banuk Characters
Shamans Brin - Siluk - Tikuk
Tribe Members Aluki - Ardik - Kikuk - Kimik - Nulat - Opitak - Sylens - Ukan
Lore ArnakTektuk

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