Kindiv is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Carja bandit who can be found at the watermill outside of Meridian.


During the Liberation, Kindiv's wife was chained up with a number of servants and transported to Sunfall where she starved to death.

This resulted in a bitter resentment of wealthy Carja nobles who avoided such servitude, and eventually to the creation of an underground operation to steal valuables from noblemen in Meridian. The goods are resold and the profits are used to provide food and bandages for the poor in Shadowside, the Shadow Carja refugee camp outside of Sunfall.

Kindiv encountered the Nora Seeker Aloy after the latter was tracking a sword stolen from the nobleman Ravan. Explaining his intentions, Kindiv asked Aloy to help him find his partner Nasan, who had gone missing while bringing a shipment of food to Shadowside. Aloy agreed, on the condition that he return the sword to Ravan. Kindiv kept up his end of the bargain, and gave the sword back to its owner.

Associated Quests

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