Kudiv is a Carja merchant located in Meridian. He offers special Treasure Boxes in exchange for sets of Metal Flowers.


Kudiv began his career as an adventurer, collecting wild flowers to sell to Carja nobles. He made a name for himself by providing the most exotic flowers available, braving bandits and machines in order to harvest rare blossoms.

Eventually Kudiv fell in love with a woman named Theradine, and gave up his adventuring to spare her the stress of worrying about him. When Aloy meets him, he has resorted to recruiting unattached outlanders to do his flower-hunting for him.


  • Kudiv's Reward Box I - costs 10 Metal Flowers (Mark I)
  • Kudiv's Reward Box II - costs 10 Metal Flowers (Mark II)
  • Kudiv's Reward Box III - costs 10 Metal Flowers (Mark III)

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