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Lessons of the Wild is the second main mission in Horizon Zero Dawn. Following the tumultuous cave escape, Rost decides that Aloy is ready to learn the ways of hunting, gathering, and crafting taught in the Nora tribe. She is sent on her first task to hunt machines, including the Watcher and the Strider.


Rost decides that is time for Aloy to learn the hunting and gathering skills required to survive in the world. Aloy has grown attached to her Focus. Rost voices his disapproval of her use of forbidden technology but allows her to keep the device. Rost shows Aloy plants called Salvebrush Berries, which have medicinal properties. Afterward, he leads her to a Watcher gathering point and shows her to be stealthy by hiding in tall grass. In the middle of their lesson, Aloy spots a young brave named Teb scouting the area and Rost tells her to ignore him. Rost then teaches her how to use rocks as distractions for machines.

Aloy receives her first lesson with her bow, and Rost teaches her how to craft arrows using ridgewood and Metal Shards. Her first kill is against a Strider and she learns about the weak spots of machines by scanning them with her Focus. As the pair venture for more lessons, they spot Teb clinging to a cliffside. He falls and lands amongst a group of Striders, injuring himself in the process. Aloy ignores Rost's pleas to stay put, and she uses her Focus to avoid the prowling machines. She leads Teb to safety. He desperately tries to thank her but a group of Braves find him and tell him to hold his tongue before they lead him away.

When walking through the woods after the lesson, Bast throws a rock that strikes Aloy in the head. Aloy can respond to this in three ways. Aloy pleads to Rost to tell her why she is an outcast and who her mother is. Rost, however, does not share this information but tells her that if she is dedicated enough she can run The Proving and become a full member of the tribe.


  • Follow Rost
  • Gather the Salvebrush Berries
  • Eat the Berries
  • Follow Rost
  • Hide in the Tall Grass
  • Wait for the Watcher to Pass
  • Follow Rost Past the Watchers
  • Follow Rost
  • Gather 3 Rocks
  • Follow Rost
  • Wait for Rost
  • Throw Rocks to Lure the Watcher to Rost
  • Gather 2 Ridgewood
  • Craft Hunter Arrows
  • Follow Rost
  • Listen to Rost’s Instructions
  • Scan the Strider With Your Focus
  • Identify the Strider’s Weak Points
  • Kill a Strider
  • Loot the Strider Carcass
  • Follow Rost
  • Sneak to the Wounded Boy
  • Lead the Boy to Safety


Lessons of the Wild - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide22:04

Lessons of the Wild - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


This mission contains no collectibles.


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