Charles Ronson: Evacuation happened so fast--no time to think things through. No time for goodbyes. There were lines in the medical ward... I told Tom Paech I'd be with him when he went under. But there was one last shipment of Paradisaeidae zygotes I could get processed. If I rushed... I'm still... angry at him for forcing me to choose... Angry at myself for... Well, he died alone and I didn't get the bloody birds of paradise saved, either. All the time left in the world now to think. GAIA Prime's locks are sealed. Elysium sealed up, safe and sound. A distance of miles, but it might as well be on the other side of the galaxy. All the Betas and Gammas and support staff, living their lives. If I hadn't been an Alpha, if things had gone differently, I could've been there. Instead I'm spending the rest of my unnatural life in here, with people I don't even like... And without the one I would have gladly spent life with... Given the chance. Two hours since I signed off on the final executables and I'm already a bitter old man bitching to his Focus. There's a thought for future generations.

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