Cpl. Acosta: Log: First battle of the Eastern Seaboard Wall had a long run-up to it. This was before Cal-Mar, and projections were a lot worse for the East. For three weeks we kept getting scrambled out to some coastal burg to train Minutemen. It was always raining, on account of Europe already being torched. Block after block of prefab barracks--they were still printing barracks right up until the hour the main force hit. The Minutemen, we ran combat drills with them in the streets where they'd lived, trying to pretend they might live to die somewhere else if they paid attention. Nothing worse than the ones who actually bought into it. Hopeful, pestering us with questions about Zero Dawn, like we know something they don't. I swear, the more we do this, the more like the bots we are. Except they learn from every fight, and us, I'm not so sure.

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