Margo Shĕn: Record. I just woke up, it's... I see the numbers but can't make out the time... I was dreaming of--I was giving a lecture in Q-Hall... maybe it was something more... shamanistic, I don't know... An audience of shadowy faces, under a blank open sky. I told them the world ended with a bang - a plague of robots... But the last humans, we went out... not with a whimper but... a whisper. You know, in caves--ending like we started--huddled around a flickering glow. The heads of state, Fortune 5s, the leaders and lottery winners and life cults, all of them buried in their little shelters... Some believing they'll live it out, some way, somehow... Or Elysium... or us here at GAIA Prime, no different. A multitude of tiny societies taking hold, flaring, and dying. Some will be beautiful, some horrific. And none of them matter. Short-term civilizations. One last gasp--One last gasp before the long-held breath. Before I wake up, I know the audience is gone, I'm talking to myself. To a quiet planet, a barren sphere. Just GAIA and her long, long dreaming. ...I hope she won't be lonely.

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