Tom Paech: I hashed it out with them, what the point of ARTEMIS was - I made clear I wasn't on board for a global zoo. We haven't exactly proved ourselves to be great custodians in the past few thousand years, so the idea of a reconstituted biosphere... Well, it's horrifying, isn't it? A complete horror show, we have no right to take a best guess at this stuff. But the alternative...? Nothingness. For there to have been all this, and then... nothing. And with Charles Ronson running the show - I respect him, he's got a passion to him, he's hot-blooded. So I said I'll do it. I'll put my all into this, literally, when the project is done I'll take the medical option, thank you. Counselor said I might change my mind, I told him that he didn't know me very well, then. For life's sake, I'll do the dirty work, but I want no part of this pathetic, attenuated future on offer. I'm an outdoors man. Never did like the feel of solid-state lighting on my skin, and... a wee bit of a claustrophobe, anyway.

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