Lone Light is a small Carja settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn found along the Way of Broken Stones.


Lone Light originally began as a small collection of Carja freeholds. Because of its prime location along the road to Meridian, the settlement grew and over time became a fortified way station. Although its core population are members of the Carja tribe, many outlanders stop here while making the trek to the Sundom's major city.

Lone Light's elevated position above the Greatrun River canyon[1] largely protects the settlement from machine attacks, however, flying machines like the Glinthawk still pose a threat.

Associated Quests

Hunters' Blind

While proving herself worthy of Hunters Lodge membership, Aloy assists the Hawk Talanah on a contract from Lone Light resident Ilsadi to kill machines that are attacking the settlement.


  • Lone Light is the only settlement that doesn't have a Merchant.


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