Lorund is an Oseram trader in Machine parts, located in the Carja settlement Meridian Village.


Lorund and his Carja business partner Smiling Ranin buy and sell Machine parts at their stall in Meridian Village. Despite their partnership, the two constantly bicker, with Lorund disparaging Ranin's emphasis on aesthetics rather than utility, and Ranin complaining about Lorund's lack of appreciation for aesthetics.

The Nora Brave Aloy encountered the duo while she was in Meridian Village. Lorund offered to pay her for a Snapmaw lens, but Ranin insisted that there was no market for that machine part and that they would take a Longleg lens instead. The disagreement devolved into their usual bickering, with Aloy being ignored. The exasperated machine huntress acquired and brought them both parts.

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