The Lure Call is a learnable Forager skill in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The skills lets the player get the inquisitive attention of the single closest hostile in a direct line of sight, without alerting any others nearby. Upon learning the skill, the player will be able to select and use the ability whenever a hostile human or machine is in the area. The player can make extensive use of this skill to lead enemies away from a group, and if the player is hiding in grass or steam, they can use the skill to perform easy Silent Strikes or Overrides.

Horizon Zero Dawn Skills
Prowler Silent Strike - Strike From Above - Strike From Below - Leader Strike - Hunter Reflexes - Balanced Aim - Strong Strike - Strong Strike+ - Silent Drop - Low Profile - Dodge Prowess - Quiet Sprint
Brave Concentration - Heavy Lifter - Concentration+ - Fast Reload - Critical Hit - Critical Hit+ - Double Shot - Triple Shot - Precision - Precision+ - Knock Down - Fighting Back
Forager Lure Call - Combat Override - Combat Override+ - Call Mount+ - Healer - Herbalist - Disarm Traps - Tinker - Gatherer - Scavenger - Ammo Crafter - Scavenger+

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