A machine lure is a special item in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The machine lure is a unique item that emits a sharp sound and attracts nearby machines.


The only known individual to create machine lures is Dervahl, a notorious Oseram warlord known for his ingenuity and blind hatred for the Carja. A number of lures were constructed at his workshop before he relocated to another site.

Plot Against the Sun-King

After his attempt to destroy Meridian and kill Sun-King Avad was foiled by the Nora Aloy, Dervahl used a lure to draw Glinthawks to the Palace of the Sun. Once again, his efforts ended in failure, and he was taken into custody.

Other Uses

The Carja trader Shahavad discovered Dervahl's workshop while delving, taking back a lure for trade. The trader was unaware of the device's nature, and accidentally caused a Glinthawk infestation in the nearby town of Pitchcliff.

Machine lures were responsible for at least three other incidents. The first was caused by Ranaman, a disgraced Carja noble who used a lure in an attempt to kill his family for their estate. The second was a successful prison break by the Oseram criminal Rasgrund. It is unknown whether the lures used in these incidents were also made by Dervahl.

When Aloy was captured and thrown into the Sun-Ring by Helis, Sylens managed to break in and help her escape. Using a machine lure, he summoned three overriden Ravagers to prevent the Corruptors summoned by Helis from following them.

Associated Quests