Mailen is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Mailen grew up in Ban-Ur alongside her friend Ikrie. Her dream was to join the White Teeth, one of the most prestigious weraks. Once they came of age, Ikrie and Mailen took part in the White Teeth's entry ordeal: survive four days and nights on a glacier in the Knifetrail. During the ordeal, Mailen broke her leg while descending the ice. Determined to complete the ordeal on her own and unwilling to put her friend's life at stake, Mailen resisted all of Ikrie's efforts to help.

Eventually, Ikrie was joined by Aloy, a Nora traveler who came to the glacier to search for the two, as they were the only prospective members who had yet to return. Accepting Aloy's offer, Ikrie brought her to Mailen. Mailen initially refused aid like she had before. However, when Aloy warned her that she would have to choose between her leg or her pride, she reluctantly allowed Aloy to splint her leg. Angry with Ikrie for not honoring her wish, Mailen insisted on going back alone, telling Ikrie that it was the werak's forgiveness she should ask for. Ikrie retorted that she didn't care about the werak. Unable to answer, Mailen limped back to the White Teeth, leaving her childhood friend behind.

Aloy returned later, convincing the Chieftain to accept Mailen into the werak, and that Ikrie had died in the ordeal. If she chose to speak to Mailen, the latter remained firm about the law of survival, and that her decision meant her pain.

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