Maker's End is the fourteenth main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.



  1. Go to Maker's End
  2. Loot the Equipment Stash
  3. Go to the Ruins
  4. Investigate the Explosions
  5. Kill the Cultists and the Deathbringer
  6. Loot the Eclipse Officer
  7. Investigate the Rubble
  8. Search for Information about Elisabet Sobeck
  9. Go to Ted Faro's Office
  10. Search Ted Faro's Office for Information about Elisabet Sobeck
  11. Scan the Datapoint
  12. Watch the Hologram
  13. Scan the Datapoint
  14. Watch the Hologram
  15. Scan the Datapoint
  16. Watch the Hologram
  17. Exit the Ruin


Maker's End - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide41:38

Maker's End - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


Hologram Datapoints

Text Datapoints - Quests

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