Marad, also known as Blameless Marad, is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Marad is a well-regarded Carja spymaster and the key advisor to Sun-King Avad (and Jiran before him). He is known for his wisdom and craftiness.

Marad encounters the Nora Seeker Aloy after the latter helped discover that the Vanguard Captain Ersa's death had been staged. Marad brought Aloy to Avad and Erend, and determined that the only Oseram with the ingenuity to pull off such a hoax was Dervahl. Before the meeting, Marad sent an agent to Pitchcliff, where Dervahl was likely to be hiding.

Sadly, Ersa had been fatally wounded by Dervahl before Erend and Aloy could reach her, but she survived long enough to confirm Dervahl's plot. Once Aloy returned to the Palace, she revealed what she had found in Dervahl's notes: a massive shipment of Blaze to a man named Aelund Forgeman. Recognizing the name, Marad directed Aloy and Erend to a shop in Meridian purchased under that name. Before Erend left, Marad advised him to take Dervahl alive if possible, as the Oseram clans would be eager to kill him themselves. Erend was furious at the prospect, but Avad agreed with the suggestion, knowing that it would help stabilize relations following Ersa's death.

While the bomb Dervahl planted in Meridian was defused, the warlord had snuck into the palace, using his Sonic Device to incapacitate everyone inside, including Marad. However, Aloy managed to foil Dervahl's plans, saving both Marad and the entire city of Meridian.

Eclipse Invasion

Aloy would return to the Palace with news of a greater threat: an invasion by the Eclipse. At Marad's suggestion, Avad ordered the Vanguard to defend the Spire, and left Marad in charge of the defensive preparations.

After speaking with Avad more thoroughly, Aloy met with Marad to discuss the counter measures. Marad informed Aloy of the Nora's presence at the Spire, as well as the arrival of potential allies, many of whom came for Aloy by name. As there seemed to be time before the invasion, Marad had the apartment of Olin Delverson made available for Aloy to rest in.

Marad can be seen at the Temple of the Sun at the end of the final battle, cheering at Aloy's victory.


Marad is shrewdly intelligent and gifted in politics.

Marad thinks lowly of Carja nobles, comparing them to "children who whine when they don't get a second helping of dessert."

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