Medicinal Wild Ember is a medicinal resource in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is used to refill the medicine pouch and restore health.


Medicinal Wild Ember is a medicinal plant that can be found scattered throughout the world, primarily in wooded areas. It can be distinguished from other medicinal plants by its thin, many-petaled flowers and linear leaves.

Its base medicine pouch gain is 20%. As of the installation of The Frozen Wilds, it no longer restores the most amount of health out of all available medicinal resources, having been overtaken by Medicinal Fresh Salvebrush and Medicinal Thaw Omen. These, however, are exclusive to The Cut.

Medicinal Medicinal Grey Omen - Medicinal Hintergold - Medicinal Ochrebloom - Medicinal Fresh Salvebrush FW - Medicinal Salvebrush - Medicinal Thaw Omen FW - Medicinal Valley's Blush - Medicinal Wild Ember
Crafting Corruption Glaze Root - Fire Kiln Root - Freeze Rime Root - Ridge-Wood - Shock Wax Root

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